Affiliates – Resurrection Life
Kandi Bahr

Minister of the Gospel, PA

Kandi Bahr

Kandi Bahr has been an ordained minister and leader for many years.  She has a lot of experience counseling in life and ministry to children and women.  She graduated from Summit Bible College in 2007 with a Master’s Degree in theology, with an emphasis in Christian Counseling. 

Kandi has been a prophetic worship leader for over 20 years.  She has written and recorded two worship cds.  She has raised a successful family and participated in helping children as an educator. 

Besides her experience in ministry to children and women, she has ministered the love of Christ through her intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as she sings prophetically, teaches the word, lays hands on the sick, sets captives free, and shares the good news with the broken and hurting. 

Her heart’s desire is to see the love of the Savior set hearts ablaze with His dunamis power and everlasting, unconditional love.  She is currently employed as an Administrative Assistant at Valley Church and the Lazarus Center.  She is also attending college to work on her degree for Social Work.

Ashley Bumgarner

Minister of the Gospel, AR

Ashley Bumgarner

Ashley Bumgarner is the daughter of Peter and Lori Whitehouse. She is a minister of the Gospel. Currently located in Arkansas, she has a desire to travel to every nation preaching the Gospel in the Spirit and power. She most recently traveled with a team of 13 to Kitale, Kenya. She was able to witness blind eyes see, the lame walk, deaf ears hear, and the captives go free. Praise God!

She currently leads worship in Northwest Arkansas, and God has led her to partner with houses of prayer regionally, leading worship and praying.  She is a prophetic and spontaneous worshiper of intercession. She has a strong desire for the Church to encounter the Holy Spirit. Ashley is the wife of Linuel Bumgarner, and the mother of six children (Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Faith, Samuel, and Benjamin).

Daniel Burke

Minister of the Gospel, PA

Daniel Burke

Daniel was born in 1989 and born again in 2011. He lived 21 years without the Lord, and was born again by listening to Christian music for 30 days. Through his salvation he began a relationship with Father God. When he was water baptized, the Lord instantly set him free from addiction, pornography, and drugs.

Since then, he has a burning desire to serve the Lord with all of his heart. Everywhere he goes, he gives people an encounter with the God of the Universe with miracles, signs and wonders. He also has a heart for missionary work. He’s been to Honduras and Africa a few times. He also has a heart for street ministry. The Lord has given him the ability to do videography. By God’s grace, he was ordained in Africa alongside eight Americans and over fifty Africans.

Larry Deming

Apostle, NY

Larry Deming

Bonnie Deming

Pastor, NY

Bonnie Deming

Nathan Deming

Pastor, NY

Nathan Deming

Pastor Nathan Deming is a husband, father, Pastor, musician, prophetic worship leader and preacher.

Pastor Nathan recently took the role of Senior Pastor At Mount Zion Church in Glens Falls, NY. A church that his father, Apostle Larry Deming, restarted in 1999. His desire is to witness a generation of burning hearts arise across the nations of the world with renewed faith, passion, vision and sacrificial pursuit after the Presence of God.

He has a heart to see furnaces of worship and prayer centers arise from every city. The Lord has called him and anointed him through leading worship and preaching of God’s Word. He has been writing the Songs of the Lord since he was the age twelve.

He is married to the love of his life, Chasity Lee Deming, who is also a prophetic worship leader and speaker. They have been leading and flowing in the spirit together in worship and in Word for over 13 years. They have been blessed with three beautiful children, and reside in Glens Falls, New York.

Thomas Gwako

Pastor, Kenya

Thomas Gwako

Maombi Jacques

Pastor, District Republic of Congo

Maombi Jacques

I am Maombi Jacques. I was born in June 1989, into a poor family. It was in Kabase Village, 50 km from Goma city. Even though we were a poor family, we were Christians in a Baptist church. Growing up was very difficult.

Studying for me was a miracle from God. In Congo, primary school and secondary school normally take 12 years, but due to my hard situation of life, it took me 18 years.

In these periods of life I was a singer and a guitar player. When they anointed me to be a children’s teacher in Sunday school. After two years, they anointed me also to be a youth president in our churches. So during my youth ministry, the devil invaded me. I left the ministry and went to explore mining. There I became an adventure. So, when we were exploring mining most of my friends prospered, but life for me was lost. I never got anything. I started to seek God again.

Then I met a prophet, and he told me that God wanted me to be a preacher of the good news. He said I would never prosper if I didn’t work for God. In 2008 I joined a Pentecostal church. There they trained me. So, now I am a pastor and I’m heading four churches. Even though they are poor, they are strong in the power of God. I’m going to prosper in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Lauren Jobe

Minister of the Gospel, NM

Lauren Jobe

My name is Lauren Jobe. I’m a minister of the gospel, the daughter of Lori and Peter Whitehouse, a military wife, mother of four, and prophetic artist. 

Ever since I was young, I’ve had a passion for art, and for Jesus. The Lord has, through various means, taught me how to depict what He has shown me and use it to speak life and encouragement into the hearts of others.

It has been my great honor to not just paint prophetically, but to have a gift surrendered to Jesus. I paint what He shows me, when and deliver a message of encouragement with it. I’ve seen people receive healing, answers and encouragement through the images He has for them. The Lord has continued to grow this gift He’s placed in my life.

The Lord has recently moved my family and I to La Luz, New Mexico. Within the land the Lord has given us, we are establishing a place of rest and peace. We are working to build a garden and prayer house called, ‘The Dwelling Place.’ This will be a place of healing. A place to look upon the Author of Life, and encounter the One who loves you more than any other…Jesus.

As we build, we are praying for the presence of God to rest on everyone who comes here; for unprecedented miracles and deliverance and for divine healing to occur, without anyone needing to lay a hand on those who come.

It’s been a desire of mine to see others healed. It’s been a blessing to see the Holy Spirit heal the lame, deaf, blind, the oppressed, and afflicted! Above all of this, it’s my heart that others would behold Jesus and love Him with the intimacy He has called them to.

I want others to see Jesus rightly, to know the intensity of His love for them, personally; and that, that would overshadow every area of their lives. This is the kind of healing I desire most to see. 

If any part of ‘The Dwelling Place,’ my life, or gifting can help lead others into this, then I feel it has been a life well spent.

Enoka Kaisu

Pastor, Tekwana, Uganda

Enoka Kaisu

Brian Knox

Evangelist, Eastbourne, England

Brian Knox

I was born on July 10th 1969 in Edinburgh , Scotland. My mum and Dad divorced when I was 3 years old. I was physically abused by my step father from 9 years of age to 13. At 13 years, I prayed and dedicated my life to Satan. I was involved in occult from 14 years of age, got into Martial arts, Astrology, and gangs. I joined the Royal Marine Commandos at 16 years old and got asked to leave after 18 months—I was being brutalized and bullied, so I attacked two soldiers with bolt cutters.

After that incident, I was involved in organized crime, international drug dealing from Jamaica, personal security, and rave concerts . I was, sadly, involved in knife and gun crime that damaged many people . This all led me to a Satanic Coven were I was promised an empire in exchange for the soul of my first unborn child. Praise the Lord, I never followed through. I found myself in solitary confinement and after a letter from a girlfriend, I prayed to Jesus and the doors opened that very day. I was facing 25 years behind bars and managed to be released miraculously.

I went to Church and got baptized, but still had to go through 3 high court trials, in which, I was acquitted. Unfortunately I fell away and became involved again in crime. After my son was born, I left Edinburgh and lived in Spain. The cycle of drugs and violence began again. Later, I started smuggling tobacco and artifacts from Kenya, Thailand, and Spain. I ended up in the Terrorist Unit in Belmarsh prison. I got on my knees and prayed, and was blessed after that. 

Upon my release, I began an international shipping business, and my company made millions of pounds. Money and power led me into all kinds of pervasiveness—lasciviousness with a witch, multiple sexual partners, and eventually a homosexual partner. I had got my upper body tattooed, got into heavy Buddhism, yoga, and Shamanism. I travelled to Thailand to visit Buddhist temples, where I was involved in sexual rituals. I was so demonized and on drugs. 

Praise the Lord, He rescued me and delivered me from the pit of hell. I went through a two year demonic battle and got delivered from many demons in the name and the blood of Jesus. I lost all my wealth and joined Ellel Ministries for one year studying discipleship, healing, and deliverance. I have seen people set free from all kinds of sexual sin including bestiality. I have been stripped down from having a huge ego, and my mind has been totally transformed by the Word of God. My desire is to work with other disciples and see people set free from the works of the devil, travel around the world teaching, preaching, and casting out demons in Jesus name. I am married to my wife Lilyan and currently serving at a small powerful church in Bexhill on the Sea. 

1 Corinthians 1:27 King James Version (KJV) “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;” 

Romans 1:26-32 King James Version (KJV) “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;” 

Moses Kwanuti

Moses Kwanuti

I’m pastor Moses Kwanuti, the founder and Bishop at Lord’s Time Ministries in Kenya. My local church is at Sikhendu Market, Kiminini District, Trans Nzoia county.
I’m married to Ruth Wekesa, and blessed with 5 children namely: David, Brian, Godney, Riddy, Ann, and Jephter. Also I adopted Philip Kemei to my family, who is an orphan. Currently, two are in highschool while the rest are in primary school.
I’m the last born in a late polygamous family. I’m glad that God chose to use me as the pastor of rural areas. l managed to train as a guidance counselor, in youth empowerment, and theology.
Lord’s Time Ministries was officially registered as a non profit organization in Kenya in 2012 with its’ headquarters in Sikhendu Market. It has 5 branches.
The mother church, where I minister, has a small plot with semi permanent structures. The rest are in a rental hall, but our prayer is that we buy more fields to accomodate many saints and have permanent structures. We have a primary school going on under the church from Nursery to grade 4. Further more, we are accepting donations so that all churches in rental may own a plot.
We have an active department of youths that annually have their conference. In April, there’s a women’s conference. In August a general conference is held every December.
We believe in the Bible as the divine word of God, water Baptism, the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, and Jesus as Messiah.
Best Regards
Moses kwanuti
Reference; Bishop Leonard Musungu +254719108541
Ruth Wekesa +254799004474


Blanchard B. Kyalimpa

Pastor, Democratic República of Congo

Blanchard B. Kyalimpa

I am the second born in a family of 15 children. Born in an evangelical center called Nyankunde in East of Democratic Republic of Congo, formally called Zaire. My parents were Christians only on Sunday and never followed to live as recommended by the Bible. My mother is from Catholic Church and I had never seen my father caring about attending a church while I was growing up. When I was a child my parents got separated for an a reason which is unknown. My father went away and got married to an other woman. I remained living with my mother after having shifted in Bunia which is a town 55 kilometers from Nyankunde. There, I grew up in the faith initially to Catholic doctrine from 12 to 13 years old. From 14 years old I decided to join my father who had remarried from Nyankunde and had 5 children more.

That decision was the beginning of calvary in my life and the entrance in fire baptism. My step mother was not proud of me and life became so hard for me.  I was tempted to go back to my mom, but my father wanted me to be nearby as I was his first boy born following a girl. Unfortunately, my step mother never liked my presence and was able to annoy my life in all ways, and things were becoming more complicated for me. Most of my time was spent on crying, working hard, and being hungry. Sometimes I could only eat once a day, so I wished to die.

Ken Lewis

Evangelist, NY

Ken Lewis

My name is Ken Lewis. All together I have 8 adult children and 9 grandchildren. I’ve been saved for 33 years, serving the most High King in various ways: from a church based boys club director and a children’s church worker to intercessor and street evangelist. 

I was saved in the most unorthodox way; it was awesome! That night, we could’ve all wound up in jail. At the time I was married and had two beautiful daughters but my heart wasn’t right. I got caught up in drugs and other things, but God had different plans for my life.  He called me out of darkness when He verbally spoke to my heart. He said, “Choose this day whom you will serve.” These precious words still hold true today and that is my mission statement to see lives changed and transformed into the likeness and image of Jesus Christ. 
Recently, I had a prophetic word confirmed as I set foot on African soil and preached in churches and open-air crusades. I saw God move mightily in the prophetic, with healings and miracles. Something was newly birthed in my heart and I’m waiting to see what God has for me next.
I am a first-hand witness to many creative miracles that God is performing as I do evangelism… seeing people healed, saved and delivered. I’m humbled and privileged to see such moves of God, knowing that “The Best Is Yet To Come.” He has honed and pruned me for such a time as this and is sending me to the nations to prepare His bride.
Ladies Linking Arms

Ladies Linking Arms

Ladies Linking Arms was birthed out of a God given desire to unite the daughters of God. This ministry provides a safe, loving environment for women to come together, encourage one another, to be free to share who they are and receive truthful guidance, love, correction and edification. Our sisters get a chance to discover their gifts and use them to glorify God. Our gathering include worship, prayer, fellowship and Biblical teaching. Each month, there is a different topic, considered by prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Ladies Linking Arms was established in November 2017. Our first meeting was held in a January of 2018, open to all Sister who believe in Jesus Christ. Since then, there have been many testimonies of amazing healing, deliverance and growth.

As the Lord continues to lead us, we have a collective vision of growth on a national and international level. Many prophetic words have been given regarding the growth for this ministry for the glory of the kingdom of heaven. Many of the daughters of God, who attend our meetings, are wounded and need continued healing and strengthening. At Ladies Linking Arms, we, through the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, will continue to provide a safe and blessed place for their spiritual growth and development. We have strong women of faith, from all denominations, come as guest speakers, to deliver Holy Spirit filled messages to our sisters for encouragement and to take action and make changes in their lives, to grow closer and deeper in their faith and trust in Lord.

Ladies Linking Arms has plans to help positively impact the community around us by giving back to those in need. Buying school supplies and clothing for children, donating much needed items to the local shelters and other ministries and to bless families during the holiday season. Ladies Linking Arms is more than just a group of women getting together, we are the daughters of God gathering together to worship with our gifts, talent and love. As leaders, Da’Antria, Donna and Lillian look forward to all that the Lord has for us to do in the Capital Region of Upstate New York and beyond.

Longing For Intimacy

Amy Riordan, Founder of Longing for Intimacy, PA

Longing For Intimacy

Amy Riordan is the Founder of Longing For Intimacy. She is an author, speaker, writer, and licensed pastoral counselor. Amy and her husband, Kevin, live in PA with their two children, and they are the Co-founders of Set free Ministries. Amy speaks on pornography addiction recovery for women, sexuality, overcoming shame, and pursuing intimacy with Jesus. Her book, “Longing for Intimacy: Hope for Women Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction” was released in March 2018.


In 2010, Amy started sharing her story on her blog, Longing for Intimacy. She started sharing the ways Jesus was healing her heart and setting her free. Jesus has continued to do an amazing work in her life, and she loves seeing Him continue to heal hearts and set other women free. Longing for Intimacy is now a ministry that equips and encourages women who are struggling with pornography, wrestling with their sexuality, and for anyone looking to build deeper intimacy with Jesus.


Leonard Musungu

Bishop, Bungoma, Kenya

Leonard Musungu

The Christian Truth and Salvation Church Mission, through her area churches, acknowledges the following responsibilities:

1. Reorganizing communities at a local level: Provincial administration of the area into Church/ color/ man/ tribes and clan meetings fostering the Christian identity

2. Training: To provide Christian meeting members and mission staff the essential skills to guide community renewing activities

3. Communities: Commitment to promote Biblical (holistic/ total) community renewal through conference training in the country

4. Christianizing communities/ villages through the knowledge and application of God’s work: Bible schools, Orphanages, the health, welfare, education, and technical skills of Christian homes

5. Empowering communities at house-hold levels: Empowering rural areas to know how to respond appropriately with confidence to the challenges that confront them

6. Being non-political (i.e. unable to engage actively in partisan politics)

7. Leadership development: Helping people develop their inner strengths to benefit the communities and sustain the transformation process

8. Providing and enabling the environment: Helping everyone to contribute or take part in their community development process

9. Making local skills and abilities

10. Providing role modeling and healthy competition for achievement in community development process

11. Providing administrative back-up for the cooperative of all Christian activities within and outside Kenya

12. Ensuring a high level of accountability within the Christian meetings, particularly with regard to ensuring an objective is properly accomplished

13. Stimulating communities to be solitary, for holding their future in their own hands

Moses Walela Nyongesa

Bishop, Nairobi, Kenya

Moses Walela Nyongesa

My name is Bishop Moses Walela Nyongesa of God’s Revival Miracle and Salvation Ministry, located in Nairobi, Kenya. I was born again in 1992. I am married to my wife, and blessed with six children.
I began preaching in 1994. In 2013, I registered my ministry in accordance to the law. God has helped me to plant 5 churches with the headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.
Jackson Opolot

Pastor, Soroti, Uganda

Jackson Opolot


Meet some of the Beneficiaries of our Child Development Project. Each with an individual story.  Child Development Beneficiary Program is a social arrangement designated to respond to the needs of minors who, for various reasons, end up on the streets. It’s designed to screen, enlist, receive, house, feed, skill, reintegrate and resettle street children.


Resurrection Life Church Congregation was born on June 24th, 2018, it’s first Sunday.


This is the first attempt to plant a Resurrection Life Church in Soroti, Uganda in fulfillment of the Great Commission as in Matthew 28:18-20

Vision and Mission

The Church is to provide spiritual growth and development of the beneficiary street boys and girls.

Robert Opolot

Pastor, Kakoro, Eastern Uganda

Robert Opolot

Resurrection Life Church (Kakoro)

Pastor Robert Opolot recently established Resurrection Life church of Kakoro. It is located in the Butebo district of Eastern Uganda. Robert established the church with the aim of equipping eager disciples to be soul harvesters. There are rural locations where the Word of God has been removed for many decades. These disciples, with all yearning, will reach these rural communities in order to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Robert is serving in a place that has suffered all forms of insurgents, which has left a high number of people with HIV/AIDS. Because of this, there are many orphans and vulnerable children.

“I established an orphanage school that has existed for three years now with grades ranging from Pre-school to primary four.” 

Telephone:+256 754 522189

Address:Robert Opolot1. O Box 1053 Mbale, Uganda ,East Africa

Kubwayo Pacifique

Evangelist, Burundi

Kubwayo Pacifique

Paul Ryan

Pastor/Counselor, NY

Paul Ryan

From my earliest days of playing sports and even now, I’ve always thought of life as a team sport. The idea of working and sacrificing together with others to achieve a common goal has been a core principle within me.
As a Pastor/Counselor at the Albany Capital City Rescue Mission’s New Life Discipleship Program and as the leader of an inner-city Men’s Discipleship Group the ability to help men achieve victory through Jesus Christ is a natural transition from my team sports days.
I am privileged to see miracles happen almost daily in these ministries. And as I have ministered to these men, my own faith has grown deeper as well. My greatest delight is seeing men come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and grow in their relationship with the God who created them.
Six years ago, after 36 years in an IT career, I retired into full time ministry. I am a father of two girls and grandfather to four granddaughters. In addition to my ministry to the men, I am a supply Pastor and I also minister with my wife Jeanne at Jeanne Ryan Worship Ministries.
Jeanne Ryan

Minister of Worship, NY

Jeanne Ryan

Music has defined my life since my earliest memories. I was blessed to have many doors opened to me to express myself through song. It never occurred to me then that God gave me a love for music so that it would one day draw me close to Him.
Throughout the early years of my life and into adulthood I had no understanding of the saving grace that came through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Poor choices and the resulting consequences plagued me and left me looking for healing, answers and peace.
One evening I attended a Billy Graham Crusade and made a decision that would dramatically change the course of the rest of my life. I walked through the doors unsaved and broken, and came out a new creation. God reached me that night through the music and worship. He had the perfect way to reach into my heart and draw me to want to know Jesus in a real and personal way. I wanted that very blessed assurance they were singing about. I made a promise to God at that conference that I would spend the rest of my life singing only for Jesus. And I have kept that promise.
In 2009, after much prayer and confirmation, I established Jeanne Ryan Worship Ministries. Through this ministry I have the privilege of sharing about the goodness and glory of our great God – to invite the power of the Holy Spirit to flow abundantly – and I am blessed to sing and tell of our beautiful Jesus – of His transforming love and healing power.
In 2015, I was ordained as a Minister of Worship by Rev. Peter Whitehouse. On my ordination certificate is a verse that fits my calling perfectly-
But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” ~John 4:23-24


Michelle Selby

Healing Ministery, TX

Michelle Selby

My Ministry work started in 1983 with a Nursing Mother’s Support Group providing exhortation for new Mom’s, followed shortly by being instrumental in forming ABBA (All Babies Born Alive) a pro-life group in Gainesville, TX. 

My heart has always been for children. Now, working with orphanages in Africa. “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 is my ‘theme song’. 

Shortly after being diagnosed with MS, God gave me The Healing Center, a Healing Ministry in 2014, which is under the covering of Resurrection Life.

I am married to Greg a farmer and live on a farm. I have three grown children and one granddaughter.

I try to be the change I want to see in the world. One child at a time. World Peace sounds like a big goal, but not for God.

The Healing Center holds prayer group, Bible study, deliverance classes to educate others and private deliverance done by our deliverance minister.

Set Free Ministries

Kevin & Amy Riordan, Co-Founders, PA

Set Free Ministries

Kevin Riordan is an Evangelist who travels both nationally and internationally. He and his wife, Amy, are Co-Founders of Set Free Ministries. Kevin is passionate about winning the lost, healing the sick and setting the captives free. God has given him a burning desire to see the lost saved, but to also see the church equipped to preach the gospel, heal the sick, and set the captives free. Together, Kevin and Amy Riordan minister through Set Free Ministries. 

Flora Stella

Flora Stella

Flora Stella

I was saved in 1970 and baptized in the Spirit. I was baptized at New Life church in Schenectady a few years later. 

I have been praying over people for 25 years. God gives me visions and dreams that are used to help others. Three years ago I formally joined the Catholic Church’s healing ministry. 

At the same time, I prayed for God to expand my team and He brought me Karen Laing and Alyssa Plock into my life. Through them, and with them, I have prayed for people at the drop-in center and WOW conferences. 

I was also anointed to play the shofar 20 years ago. This helps to bring the Holy Spirit into any event I play in and allows Him to move freely. 

Glenn and Jenny Taylor

Ministers of the Gospel, VT

Glenn and Jenny Taylor

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them a light has shined.” Isaiah 9:2

Glenn and Jenny Taylor reside in Essex Junction Vermont. Jenny Moved from Sri Lanka in 2017 to join Glenn in marriage and serve God together in His purposes.

Glenn is originally from New Jersey and moved to Vermont in 1989. He accepted Christ as Savior while in the fourth grade after hearing the good news for the first time. After rededicating his life to Christ during college in upper NY state, Glenn then received a call to serve God and to minister the gospel.

After serving as an assoc. pastor at North Country Christian Center in NY, Glenn received a confirming Isaiah 9:2 directive from the Lord concerning his call and move to VT.

Through various trials and years of preparation Glenn has received a strong burden to see transformation in the hearts of the people of the land. Glenn carries a desire to see the harvest of the sons and daughters God has called in Vermont to be saved and serving God in local churches. God promises a liberal harvest in Vermont.

Glenn helped to establish a Bound4Life prayer presence in VT. Together Glenn and Jenny have a heart to see pro-life options and adoption alternatives established with the Christian community taking the lead to help those in their struggle.

Jenny has many years of ministerial experience serving in a local church in Kandy, Sri Lanka, including girls home accountant, counselor, church leadership and worship leader. Jenny’s great heart of love and compassion for children and woman enabled her by God’s grace to work many years as overseer of a street community project in Sri Lanka demonstrating God’s love in assisting abused and abandoned children and their families in Kandy.

Combined with her Intercessory gift and discernment, she is often used in words of knowledge and sees visions that give insight to help give keys to individuals in need of insight and freedom!

Glenn and Jenny are attending Lighthouse Christian Church in Montpelier, VT and are currently VT state coordinators for Tent America 2018.

Thank you for your prayers for Glenn and Jenny to see God’s calling unfold and for the churches of VT to grow in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and to have a vision to see planting, growing and sending to the nations for the glory of God!


David Wakoli

Bishop, Kitale, Kenya

David Wakoli

I’m David Juma Wakoli, the Bishop of Ebenezer International Gospel church in East Africa, Kenya. I was born and brought up in a very poor family. Both my mother and father were addicted to local brewers called (Chang’aa & Busaa). They had no time to take care for us.

As children, we passed through a lot. I used to wear my mother’s old dress while washing my school uniform because all my clothes was totally ragged. Eating in our home was a miracle. We went to bed several nights without food. We used to cook wild vegetables so that it could fill our stomachs. We slept on a muddy floor, especially raining season, without blankets. We used to put on old nylon bags with our legs inside as we slept. This forced me to quit education at primary level so that I could look for a job to help my siblings and my parents. I passed through a lot–things were not easy. I thank God for saving me. I was taught in church to believe God in every situation. God helped me, here I am. The Lord has brought me from far and that is why our ministry is called, Ebenezer. As the Lord lifted me I remembered the little ones who are suffering with no parents, going to bed with empty stomachs and the shame of walking with ragged clothes! I personally know the pain. So far the Lord has helped me, we have helped many needy families with food, clothes, education and medication. But it is not enough! Many kids have no one to help them–they go to bed hungry and walk naked in our villages. Consider us in your prayers that the Lord may open heaven for us and pour blessings that we may continue being a blessing to many. Keep us in your prayers, saints, and thank you for your consideration.
Shalom to you with your loved ones.
Yours in Christ 
Bishop David Wakoli 
Kitale, Kenya 
+254 715 109 741 
Will and Michelle Wilson

Worship Leaders, NY

Will and Michelle Wilson


 Mission statement:

God has called us to help strengthen the church by exalting the Name of Jesus, encouraging all members of the Body of Christ to be all that God has called them to be and unifying (Phil 1:27) the church in one Body, one Spirit in Christ Jesus.

Our story:

We are God’s hands and feet, whom He has given gifts in the areas of worship leading and speaking. We have been in the church for many years and see the need it has today to be renewed as the “Bride of Christ” that God has called it to be. From pastor/leadership burnout; to small rural churches searching for a vision, to lack of personnel and resources; to people needing encouragement to step into all God has called them to be, we believe the Lord is sending us out to come alongside and help encourage, equip and strengthen those who are in need. God has led us to travel around the region for the past year, showing us the needs of His church and using us to help meet those needs.