MEAT FOR CHRISTIANS: A series of short teachings


Fear of God – This is a long forgotten message. The fear of God is now being restored to the Church.

The Truth about Pornography – This epidemic is seriously hindering the Church.

The Word of the Lord… A Serious Warning – A prophetic word of warning from the Lord!

Telling the Truth about Unity – God loves unity, but where is the dividing line?

Telling the Truth about the Bible – Do you believe the Bible is the word of God?

Telling the Truth about a Loving God – What God’s love is really like.

Telling the Truth about Demons – Christians can have demons.

Is there Really a Hell? – Some will tell you hell is a myth. Really? 

God IS God – You cannot invent your own version of God.

A Word from the Lord – An important, timely word from God given through Peter Whitehouse. God is very serious about this!

Forgiving Others – Peter Whitehouse explains how to truly forgive others. This is an excellent teaching. Very helpful and definitely worth watching. 

A Very Important Message – Peter Whitehouse speaks to the Church about the consequences of sin, the fear of God and repentance.

DISCIPLESHIP CLASS: Watch the Discipleship Course online


Discipleship Class 1 – In this class Peter and Lori discuss: Being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ—the doctrine of dying, and doing the work of ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Discipleship Class 2 – Peter and Lori talk about forgiveness and intimacy with God.

Discipleship Class 3 – We discuss prayer, prevailing prayer, fruitfulness and fasting.

Discipleship Class 4– Peter and Lori discuss hearing the voice of God, and about perseverance and endurance.

Discipleship Class 5 – Peter and Lori discuss humility, submitting to authority, the fear of the Lord and the judgement of God.

Discipleship Class 6 – Join us as we discuss servant leadership, the preparation of a leader and the truth.

Discipleship Class 7 – Join us as we discuss the meaning of life.

Discipleship Class 8 – Peter and Lori speak on courage, integrity in ministry, and repentance.