Kandi Bahr

Minister of the Gospel, PA

Ashley Bumgarner

Minister of the Gosepl, AR

Daniel Burke

Minister of the Gospel, PA

Marie DeLorenzo

Minister of the Gospel, CA

Larry & Bonnie Deming

Apostle, NY

Nathan & Chasity Deming

Pastors, NY

Lauren Jobe

Minister of the Gospel, NM

Ladies Linking Arms

Women's Ministry, NY

Kevin & Amy Riordan

Healing & Evangelism, PA

Caleb Lewis

Worship Leader, NY

Ken Lewis

Evangelist, NY

Jeanne Ryan 

Worship Leader, NY

Paul Ryan

Pastor | Counselor, NY

Michelle Selby

Healing Ministry, TX

Matthew Sweeney

Evangelist, NY

Glenn and Jenny Taylor

Ministers of the Gospel, VT

Will & Michelle Wilson 

Worship Leaders, NY