Kandi Bahr

Minister of the Gospel, PA

Ashley Bumgarner

Minister of the Gosepl, AR

Daniel Burke

Minister of the Gospel, PA

Marie DeLorenzo

Minister of the Gospel, CA

Larry & Bonnie Deming

Apostle, NY

Nathan & Chasity Deming

Pastors, NY

Leesa and Erick Fernandez

TruthFirstMissions, NJ

Jonathan Festa

Evangelist, VA

Tiffany Guay

Spreading the Word of God, Inc., NY

Lauren Jobe

Minister of the Gospel, NM

Matt Johnson

Pastor, VT

Karen Laing

Teacher & Author, NY

Ladies Linking Arms

Women's Ministry, NY

Caleb Lewis

Worship Leader, NY

Ken Lewis

Evangelist, NY

Shane Pippin

Prophet & Evangelist, KY

Amy Riordan

Counselor | Author, PA

Kevin Riordan

Apostle, PA

Mark Russell

Missionary, FL

Jeanne Ryan 

Worship Leader, NY

Paul Ryan

Pastor | Counselor, NY

Michelle Selby

Healing Ministry, TX

Flora Stella

Intercessor | Healing | Deliverance, NY

Matthew Sweeney

Missionary & Evangelist, NY

Glenn and Jenny Taylor

Ministers of the Gospel, VT