I awoke early again yesterday morning and believe the Lord gave me this simplified strategy for these next few years. It is really not new… but will have profound impact where it can be implemented. Be aware that this battle has already begun:

1) Intercessors and worshipers will break through enemy lines with Spirit led prayer and worship… decrees and declarations. Among the intercessors will be Apostles and Prophets.

2) Evangelists take to the streets for Holy Spirit empowered ministry with signs and wonders following. This includes personal evangelism, evangelistic meetings in churches and open air crusades in cities, towns and villages.

3) Pastors are gifted for the job of cleaning the “fish.” Churches must now prepare for the many backsliders and new converts that will be coming. We must learn how to do deliverance ministry – it will be desperately needed.

4) Teachers (along with the pastors) will make true disciples of those who come to Christ.

5) Apostles and Prophets will seek the Lord for strategies and direction and offer this to the regional church. Apostolic and Prophetic councils will arise… not to lord over like a hierarchy but to offer the word of the Lord, give an overall strategy and promote unity. Those who will receive their guidance will prosper.

The synopsis: Intercession and worship (the Air Force) will push back the enemy. The evangelists are the boots on the ground who take the territory and rescue those held captive. The pastors and teachers occupy that territory and teach them to obey everything the Lord commanded us (Ekklesia). The apostles and prophets do warfare, seek the Lord for strategy, offer counsel and promote unity. Most 5 fold ministers have additional giftings. Of course, these will also be in operation.

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