From my earliest days of playing sports and even now, I’ve always thought of life as a team sport. The idea of working and sacrificing together with others to achieve a common goal has been a core principle within me.

As a Pastor/Counselor at the Albany Capital City Rescue Mission’s New Life Discipleship Program and as the leader of an inner-city Men’s Discipleship Group the ability to help men achieve victory through Jesus Christ is a natural transition from my team sports days.

I am privileged to see miracles happen almost daily in these ministries. And as I have ministered to these men, my own faith has grown deeper as well.

My greatest delight is seeing men come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and grow in their relationship with the God who created them.

Six years ago, after 36 years in an IT career, I retired into full time ministry. I am a father of two girls and grandfather to four granddaughters. In addition to my ministry to the men, I am a supply Pastor and I also minister with my wife Jeanne at Jeanne Ryan Worship Ministries.

Paul Ryan


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