Resurrection Life Mission and Vision


  • Obey the mandate of Jesus Christ to proclaim the Gospel in all the world through preaching, teaching and worship services
  • Bring Christians to maturity by providing discipleship training
  • Identify, train and ordain ministers of the gospel who will in turn train others, thus fulfilling the Great Commission as stated by Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20
  • This includes establishing churches and offering training seminars and prayer retreats for members and the public… including regularly scheduled services in homes, storefronts and other facilities.
  • Prepare and send out mission teams to the United States and other countries.
  • Provide training and apostolic oversight to pastors and be a spiritual and legal covering for like-minded ministers and ministries.
  • Join with other apostolic and prophetic ministers and ministries to form regional and state-wide networks and alliances
  • We endeavor to work toward the spiritual revival of the Church.