The Christian Truth and Salvation Church Mission, through her area churches, acknowledges the following responsibilities:

1. Reorganizing communities at a local level: Provincial administration of the area into Church/ color/ man/ tribes and clan meetings fostering the Christian identity

2. Training: To provide Christian meeting members and mission staff the essential skills to guide community renewing activities

3. Communities: Commitment to promote Biblical (holistic/ total) community renewal through conference training in the country

4. Christianizing communities/ villages through the knowledge and application of God’s work: Bible schools, Orphanages, the health, welfare, education, and technical skills of Christian homes

5. Empowering communities at house-hold levels: Empowering rural areas to know how to respond appropriately with confidence to the challenges that confront them

6. Being non-political (i.e. unable to engage actively in partisan politics)

7. Leadership development: Helping people develop their inner strengths to benefit the communities and sustain the transformation process

8. Providing and enabling the environment: Helping everyone to contribute or take part in their community development process

9. Making local skills and abilities

10. Providing role modeling and healthy competition for achievement in community development process

11. Providing administrative back-up for the cooperative of all Christian activities within and outside Kenya

12. Ensuring a high level of accountability within the Christian meetings, particularly with regard to ensuring an objective is properly accomplished

13. Stimulating communities to be solitary, for holding their future in their own hands



1. Church land and Church infrastructure

2. Discipleship school

3. Health

• HIV/AIDS Victims
• Vaccination of various diseases
• A health facilities

4. School and orphanage homes
• Food
• Clothing
• Tuition

5. General Transport
• Church members and administration
• School staff and pupils

6. Public addressee for Church service and conferences


Leonard Musungu


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