My name is Lauren Jobe. I’m a minister of the gospel, the daughter of Lori and Peter Whitehouse, a military wife, mother of four, and prophetic artist. 

Ever since I was young, I’ve had a passion for art, and for Jesus. The Lord has, through various means, taught me how to depict what He has shown me and use it to speak life and encouragement into the hearts of others.

It has been my great honor to not just paint prophetically, but to have a gift surrendered to Jesus. I paint what He shows me, when and deliver a message of encouragement with it. I’ve seen people receive healing, answers and encouragement through the images He has for them. The Lord has continued to grow this gift He’s placed in my life.

The Lord has recently moved my family and I to La Luz, New Mexico. Within the land the Lord has given us, we are establishing a place of rest and peace. We are working to build a garden and prayer house called, ‘The Dwelling Place.’ This will be a place of healing. A place to look upon the Author of Life, and encounter the One who loves you more than any other…Jesus.

As we build, we are praying for the presence of God to rest on everyone who comes here; for unprecedented miracles and deliverance and for divine healing to occur, without anyone needing to lay a hand on those who come.

It’s been a desire of mine to see others healed. It’s been a blessing to see the Holy Spirit heal the lame, deaf, blind, the oppressed, and afflicted! Above all of this, it’s my heart that others would behold Jesus and love Him with the intimacy He has called them to.

I want others to see Jesus rightly, to know the intensity of His love for them, personally; and that, that would overshadow every area of their lives. This is the kind of healing I desire most to see. 

If any part of ‘The Dwelling Place,’ my life, or gifting can help lead others into this, then I feel it has been a life well spent.

Lauren Jobe


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