My name is Ken Lewis. All together I have 8 adult children and 9 grandchildren. I’ve been saved for 33 years, serving the most High King in various ways: from a church based boys club director and a children’s church worker to intercessor and street evangelist. 

I was saved in the most unorthodox way; it was awesome! That night, we could’ve all wound up in jail. At the time I was married and had two beautiful daughters but my heart wasn’t right. I got caught up in drugs and other things, but God had different plans for my life.  He called me out of darkness when He verbally spoke to my heart. He said, “Choose this day whom you will serve.” These precious words still hold true today and that is my mission statement to see lives changed and transformed into the likeness and image of Jesus Christ. 
Recently, I had a prophetic word confirmed as I set foot on African soil and preached in churches and open-air crusades. I saw God move mightily in the prophetic, with healings and miracles. Something was newly birthed in my heart and I’m waiting to see what God has for me next.
I am a first-hand witness to many creative miracles that God is performing as I do evangelism… seeing people healed, saved and delivered. I’m humbled and privileged to see such moves of God, knowing that “The Best Is Yet To Come.” He has honed and pruned me for such a time as this and is sending me to the nations to prepare His bride.

Ken Lewis


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