Child Development Project

Meet some of the Beneficiaries of our Child Development Project. Each with an individual story.  Child Development Beneficiary Program is a social arrangement designated to respond to the needs of minors who, for various reasons, end up on the streets. It’s designed to screen, enlist, receive, house, feed, skill, reintegrate and resettle street children.


This is the first attempt to plant a Resurrection Life Church in Soroti, Uganda in fulfillment of the Great Commission as in Matthew 28:18-20

Vision and Mission

The Church is to provide spiritual growth and development of the beneficiary street boys and girls.


1. God’s hand in the spiritual development of our 3-month old congregation.

2. Growth in consistence as the Discipleship Class participants attend and practice concepts.

3. Grace in provision of financial and material needs of the ministry:

a) Payment of rent for accommodation of church ministry and ministers. 

b) Property (land and building) for the Soroti Town Church. Toilet is urgently needed now.

c) Public Address System for the ministry.

d) Project of rehabilitation center for street children. Construction of facility is required. Land is available in a rural setting conducive for changing lifestyle for these children.


Jackson Opolot


Peter Opolot and Michael Opolot, the Street Boys brought in March 2017 and May 2018, respectively.
From Street to School, Peter and Michael are now Schoolboys, no longer Street Boys
A beneficiary of our Child Development Project, Janet Ayato practices the skills she is learning during her tailoring lessons.
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